Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blue Ochre

This is the first post for our new line of Marion Street Art Materials Oil paint. I've made a test of one of our first colors, Blue Ochre. It is the smokey blue color at the center of the above picture. Around it are various colors and the mixes that can be made with them. I'll do a bigger breakdown soon but for now you can see at about 2 o'clock from the blue ochre is a Yellow light and between is the rich grass green that comes about from a 50-50 mixture. Counterclockwise from this, at about 1 o'clock is a Cadmium Yellow medium and the much browner green that you get with that mixture. One of my favorite mixtures is right above this at the top- Burnt Umber- which gives a really nice rich dark brown with great life (Ok it may be hard to see in this picture).Actually I was quite surprised by the mixes that came from all of the earth colors, Burnt Sienna in the upper left corner, Raw Sienna in the upper right corner. It makes some incredible yet very natural colors that I've had a hard time mixing in the past. Below is a very transparent Ultramarine Pink and the Blue Ochre is transparent enough to mix with it to make a violet without overwhelming it.